Communications isn’t about who you know — it’s about how to tell your story. At M:7 Agency, our team of expert communicators knows what makes a good story and how to best tell it to draw impactful earned-media results for our clients. Bringing decades of invaluable experience in journalism, public relations and community relations to the table, we are fully committed and emotionally invested in telling your story. 

Our comms team shapes headlines, cuts through today’s white noise and empowers clients in today’s unpredictable climate. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we can constantly monitor not only your earned-media coverage and social media reputation, but your competitors’ too. 

Combining the creative brilliance of our graphic designers, photographers and award-winning writers with our superior strategy development and proven research abilities, we authentically showcase our clients in the inauthentic digital world.

Because this firm’s niche is winning.


Not everyone receives a message in the same way. Whether telling a story visually using our stellar design team or verbally using our multi-award-winning writers’ skills, we focus on telling our clients’ stories in the best ways possible. 

Our communications division’s mantra is “Different Voices for Different Audiences” because we know that your message has to be tailored to your audience, and we’re prepared to provide the guidance and writing to bring your content to the right people. 

Whether it’s a relatable message for social media, a persuasive op-ed, a media statement designed to inform, or a conversational yet authoritative content for your website, we know the most effective tone to effectively market your message for any situation.



Here at M:7, we know all the major players when it comes to the media. But it’s not just about who we know — it’s what we do. 

Before we take your story to the media, we craft press materials that will make your story stand out from other voices, sharing what makes your company and its leaders stand above the competition in a creative and effective manner. 

With more than four decades of industry experience on our communications team, we know what aspects of your company are newsworthy and which ones are best marketed to raise your company’s online clout. And we won’t sugar coat things – media marketing from M:7 is targeted and deliberate, crafted to get attention and earn you the media attention your company deserves.



You can’t always control what others say about you or your brand, but we can expertly manage how it’s perceived and spread. Our team of media experts knows exactly how to counteract negative publicity with positive public relations and squash those negative stories before they go viral.

We can Monitor your online reputation and create strategies to improve your clout. Driven by data analytics and decades of experience, our team will build, maintain and manage your brand’s online reputation.


In today’s world, it’s only a matter of time before your company is confronted with your first – or next – professional crisis. Whether it’s a misconstrued statement, your company’s response to a pandemic, or a careless tweet from an employee, rest assured: it’s coming.

The only thing that will get your brand through these situations — and the important pre-crisis phase — is creating a strategic crisis plan and delivering an effective response. That’s where M:7 Agency can help.

Our Rapid Response Team acts decisively to respond to a crisis that has caught you off guard, and our customized strategic plan tailored to your needs helps you effectively prepare for the next looming crisis. Before a crisis comes your way, we evaluate every client’s strengths and weaknesses to be prepared for every worst-case — and best-case — scenario possible.


Spreading positive vibes about your brand isn’t easy when the media isn’t obliged to always present your brand in the best light. But you know what they say: when you want a job done right, you gotta do it yourself. 

At M:7, our talented team of wordsmiths can help you control your narrative even further through brand journalism — a type of journalistic storytelling where you use your own platforms to publish your own content that always shines a positive light on your brand. 

Our omni-channel approach ensures that your brand journalism is shared across all channels through an unbiased, less salesy, more informative point of view that highlights the value of your brand while focusing on establishing personal connections and creating favorable impressions.