A purposeful strategic approach is at the center of everything we do.

Whether it’s an award-winning marketing campaign, a narrative-shaping communications plan or a million-dollar grant, winning deliverables are born from winning strategies.


For your message to truly resonate with your audience and your brand to realize its full potential, you need a strong, cohesive strategy that blends the best marketing and communications solutions with the latest analytics and technology.

Finding Out What Sets You Apart

Whether you’re looking to boost your brand across your digital footprint or create a go-to-market strategy for a new product launch, we start off by getting to the core of what truly sets your brand apart and what your goals are. This is how we make sure the strategy will gain traction and produce real results like increased ROI, brand awareness and engagement.

Applying State-of-the-Art Analytics & Tech

Through in-depth research and sophisticated technology, we uncover important factors like how and where to best target your customers. We can also track and analyze your website engagement, media mentions, your competition, and more. By making your website more SEO-friendly, our search team can even improve site traffic and all-important search rankings.

Bringing It All to the Table

Winning strategies come from a culture of creativity and collaboration. Everyone on the M:7 team brings their own unique perspectives, talents and ideas to the war-room table where they work together to create the perfect strategies our clients need to achieve their goals and elevate their brands.

Crafting Your Roadmap to Success

From our deep-dive onboarding and whiteboard sessions to our omnichannel approach, we develop winning strategies and powerful narratives that cut through the white noise. Then we create the best visual and verbal elements to support them through our fully integrated team of marketing and communications experts.

Creating One-of-a-Kind Deliverables

Eye-catching videos, cutting-edge website design, standout social media posts, persuasive press kits, you name it — our talented in-house team of visionary creatives and master storytellers does it all to bring the strategy to attention-grabbing, brand-boosting life, with cohesive, consistent messaging that’s on brand and on target.

Executing the Strategy Across All Channels

Our omni-channel platform offers a streamlined approach to marketing and communications that’s more efficient and effective than doing things one at a time. Instead of wasting time and money repeatedly onboarding, you can relax while we strategize and deploy campaigns that tell your brand’s best stories seamlessly across every channel.