A strategic approach is at the center of everything we do. Whether it’s been an award winning marketing campaign, front page headlines, or a million dollar grant, all have a byproduct of a great strategy. Our collaborative approach, and our team’s diverse experience, opinions and backgrounds, are what fuel our winning strategies.

Activate Your Cause

M:7’s marketing team curates data, creates illustrations, and crafts narratives to help our clients relay vital information to their communities.

Attract New Client

M:7’s cutting-edge strategies & philosophy enables our clients to stand out in the new economy.

Advance Your Analytics

M:7 secures positive and earned-media opportunities, while tracking and analyzing news outlets and social media. Our sophisticated technology ensures our ability to micro-target audiences, resulting in a high probability of conversions.

Tell Your Story

M:7’s communications experts develop powerful narratives that cut through the white noise.

Build Your Legacy

M:7’s deep dives & whiteboard sessions discover & maximize the more authentic aspects of your company.

Promote Your Brand

M:7’s creative team develops one-of-a-king visuals that connect your unique story to your target audience.