Show, Don’t Just Tell, With Quality Video Content on Your Landing Pages


Whether visitors “land” there by clicking an ad, scanning a QR code, or combing through search results, your website’s landing pages are arguably the most important element in the sales funnel and therefore demand the utmost care when crafting. 

Typically accessed by responding to a call-to-action elsewhere, a landing page is designed to be the pivotal point where you turn a prospect into a quality lead, convince them to make a purchase, or fail to do either.  

A business’s homepage is often their “landing page,” but it can also be a subpage featuring a specific product, offer, or lead-generating content such as a guide, coupon, demo, or report offered in exchange for useful customer information, e.g. an email or phone number.

To say that your landing pages should be as inviting and persuasive as possible is an understatement, because when they are, they can greatly boost engagement and conversion rates. When they’re not, you’re more likely to lose a lot of leads and potential customers to competitors who are better at the game. 


The Power of Video Marketing


One of the most effective ways to win your prospects over is through the use of video marketing. While strong copy and still images play a big part, they can only say so much. A finely made, purposeful video that’s on-brand and engaging, specifically to your target audience, can be a very powerful tool that can set your pages apart.

Whether it’s the focal point of your page or more of a supporting element for copy and images, video gives you the freedom to showcase your brand in exciting and insightful ways such as demonstrating how your product works or highlighting real customers giving authentic testimonials that give more credibility to your brand.

If you’re not harnessing the power of video marketing on your landing page, there’s a good chance one or more of your competitors are. According to recent global data, in 2020, 54% of businesses included video on their landing pages. 

Why is video marketing such a great element to include on your landing pages?


  1. Video Marketing is Great at Grabbing Attention

Videos and images capture attention much more effectively than words for a number of reasons, including the fact that humans appear to be hardwired to prefer the visual. But don’t just take our word for it. Research suggests that 40% of the body’s nerve fibers are directly linked to the eyes, while 65% of individuals learn best through visual means. Combine that video with audio and text, and you’re leaving no stone unturned when trying to grab the attention of your audience.  

  1. It Works Faster

The brain can process only so much information at once, which means the faster that information is conveyed, the more likely that it will be processed. An MIT study showed the human brain can identify images in as little as 13 milliseconds, and visuals clearly transmit messages faster than text, as it takes much longer than that to read one or more words.  

Now, while it’s long been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, a more accurate number may be 600. Contrary to the 60,000x faster myth, images are more likely to be processed up to 600 times faster than text. That’s still an incredibly large discrepancy which points to visuals having a quicker effect on the mind and being easier to consume than just words. With so many super-short attention spans browsing the Net these days, the faster you can grab your audience’s attention, the better. 

  1. It’s More Likely to Stick in the Memory

Imagine going to a movie theater and the only thing scrolling on the screen is an endless string of text. While reading has its place and allows the imagination to create its own interpretations, that’s not what people want from their movie experience, let alone their buying experience. 

Because it’s often easier to show rather than tell, videos are a more-effective story-telling medium and therefore more memorable than mere copy. Furthermore, the visual tends to stick in the mind more easily than the verbal. Research suggests that viewers retain 95% of a message after watching it on video, compared to just 10% after reading it. 

  1. It Improves SEO & Consequently Traffic & Conversions

It stands to reason that the higher you rank in search engine results and the more traffic you get to your page, the better your chances are of increasing interest and sales. That’s why search engine optimization is so critical to online success. 

One of the top ways that video content can improve your SEO involves Google’s internal algorithm for generating search results, which prioritizes both the quality of your content and its relevance to a person’s original search terms. Video marketing is a valuable tool that can add both quality content and search relevance to your landing pages. 

Whether you set it to autoplay or require a simple click, a video allows visitors to experience your message with little to no effort and compellingly convey ideas that simple images and copy cannot. Still, there are a number of things you can do to make sure that video is even more effective:


Tips on Incorporating Video Marketing Into Your Landing Pages


Include a Call to Action (CTA)

Most of the time, your video is meant to be a strategic stepping stone to compel further action from the visitor. Whether visible outside of the video, mentioned at times throughout the video, or presented only at the end, a strong call to action goes a long way in leading the viewer where you want them to go. 

Don’t Leave Out the Copy

While video marketing is powerful in its own right, it’s not a good idea to think it’s all you need on your landing page. Your best bet is to include a mix of video, images, and copy, because it’s not a given that visitors will press play, watch the video even if autoplayed, or even have their audio on in the first place. 

Make Sure It Doesn’t Slow Your Page Down

Keep in mind that a video can increase page loading time if not inserted seamlessly, so it’s critical that you focus on creating the best customer experience by making sure your pages load quickly and are optimized for mobile.  


At M:7, our talented team of videographers, writers, and strategists work together to create attention-grabbing and engaging videos that set business’s landing pages apart. Take for instance, this college recruitment video featuring an iconic anthem or this video for Stefanik Properties which included a rendering of their then-upcoming industrial park. For help crafting one-of-a-kind video for your brand’s landing pages, reach out to us today!