For Brands Using M:7’s Aerial Services, the Sky’s the Limit



M:7 Agency — an award-winning marketing and communications firm designed to help clients win — has gone above and beyond again (this time literally) adding two certified drone pilots to its in-house team as it looks to take brands to new heights through breathtaking aerial photography and videography.

Originally developed for military use in the early 1900s, drone technology has fast become a bold new way for businesses to stand out from the crowd. For those unfamiliar, drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operated remotely by drone “pilots” who, in M:7’s case, expertly fly them while taking jaw-dropping photos and video at angles, heights and distances previously unreachable by most of the general public.

From real estate listings and construction progress to sports, entertainment, and corporate events, high-def aerial photography and videography offer an exciting new perspective with the power to command attention, a power M:7’s team of creatives and strategists is poised to use to its full potential.



“We’re confident that this worthwhile investment in our in-house team will produce big dividends down the road, not only for us, but for our clients as we bring their brand stories to life like no one else can,” said Jen Nolfi, M:7’s Partner. “While a drone is an amazing tool, it’s still only as good as the pilot behind it, and we have two of the best. Then, it takes an integrated team of designers and strategists, like ours, to use what’s been captured to craft one-of-a-kind, memorable deliverables.”

At the remote controls of M:7’s state-of-the-art aerial drone, an M:7 certified drone pilot is able to take stunning stills and sweeping drone footage at 360-degree angles, up to 400 feet above ground level (the U.S. legal limit), and cover several thousands of feet in distance. This means that M:7 can tackle just about any aerial photography and videography a brand may need, whether it’s to highlight a house for sale or corporate HQ, check a building for structural integrity, or capture a grand opening, employee appreciation day, concert, or sports event.

M:7 uses those drone photos and videos to produce high-quality, standout deliverables that energize marketing campaigns and boost brand awareness, engagement, and ROI across multiple channels.



“At M:7, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of what it takes to elevate brands,” said Kevin Roach, Director of Creative Services and certified drone pilot. “But there’s more to it than just snapping amazing shots. From pre-production planning to post-production editing and final cut, we do the strategizing, shot plans, and designs to produce winning solutions brands can use to truly stand out.”

M:7 Productions, M:7’s elite video production team, has already been recognized with an award for best drone footage. They also incorporated aerial videography in their cinematic recruitment video for Geneva College featuring an iconic soundtrack they produced in partnership with the audio experts at Tonic Recording Studios — Pittsburgh’s premier recording facility.

With two certified aerial drone pilots now on staff, the sky’s the limit for M:7 and the clients they serve.

Jim Vivirito, M:7 Senior Writer