Before M:7 even had its name, my goal was to launch an agency that truly integrated Marketing and Communications. Those two universes are siloed far too often, but they shouldn’t be.  Writers and Designers need to be in the same laboratory working on creative solutions.  Marketing and Messaging belong together not separated. I wanted to marry Visual and Verbal in a beautiful corporate ceremony. 

My vision for our agency is definitely not the norm. Plenty of marketing firms think marketing is all about visuals and completely discount the verbal.  Similarly, typical Communications agencies are scared to invest in hiring designers and happily sell out for some PR “niche” and the silos continue. 


The Narrow Path

So, when you hear us talk about ‘taking the narrow path,’ that’s a reference to the unique approach that we set out to accomplish and to avoid the approach that others take.  It’s a reminder that our niche isn’t just Communications and it’s not just Marketing — it’s a reminder that our niche is winning!

The Narrow Path is the same approach that we are encouraged to take in Matthew 7 while avoiding the broad path taken by most. It’s the country road, not the interstate highway; it’s a journey free of distractions and white noise. But it’s almost never the easy way. 

From the start, I wasn’t naive that my vision would be easy to execute, and plenty of people told me that it would never work. But we aren’t scared to work hard or to punch the status quo in the face when it needs it. Ultimately, faith and hard work prevailed.  


Muting White Noise 

White Noise is an industry term that describes all of the terrible content that’s being thrown at our society right now, and it also sums up how I characterize those haters that said my vision for M:7 would fail. Haters and bad marketing content should be treated the same: instantly dismissed and purged from your memory. Don’t give it the satisfaction of taking up space in your brain. 

But we all have a desire for good content, impactful messages and beautiful visuals. For the past three years, M:7 has worked deliberately to provide every client or passive observer with one-of-a-kind narratives, designs and strategies. 


Going Beyond the White Noise

Now, we’re launching a platform that showcases what we do, and more importantly, why we do it. “Beyond the White Noise” was born out of collaboration and research. Our marketing and communications leaders brainstorm to create the same powerful content that they deliver for our clients. Except, in this case, we’re working together to share what makes M:7 so special… and take you Beyond the White Noise.