M:7’s team of designers and copywriters produce state-of-the-art products based on data-driven research. Our unique creative process has resulted in our marketing campaigns consistently exceeding the industry standard.

Omni-Channel Platform


M:7’s Omni-Channel offerings allow our clients to experience a streamlined approach to marketing and public relations. Our clients don’t waste time and money repetitively telling multiple companies their needs and goals; instead, they are able to relax while M:7’s team of professionals strategize and deploy multi-platform campaigns.

Powerful Photography


M:7’s creative team comes together to strategize and carry out powerful photography to convey your message. Our strategists will find the most unique part of your story, while the rest of the team walks you through choosing the right content, setting, wardrobe, and tone for your shoot.

Iconic Video Production


M:7’s videos tell stories— award winning ones. Our clients benefit from our vast network of scriptwriters, voice actors, and videographers, but the strategy behind our production is our “secret sauce.” Through whiteboard sessions, we uncover the most authentic way for you to connect to each unique target audience.

Brilliant Corporate Branding


M:7’s deep-dive interview process allows us to unbox the most interesting parts of your company. Once we have a firm grasp on what makes your company unique, M:7’s creative team begins developing color palettes, logos, corporate stationary, websites, and helpful narratives to successfully market your brand.

Pristine Print Designs


M:7 prides itself on challenging the status quo. When it comes to print, that means fresh, new concepts, powerful photography, and intentional placements. Expect unique paper weights, sizes, and textures that catch attention and return results.

Superior Digital Marketing


M:7’s sophisticated technology ensures that your message lands exactly where it needs, when it needs to be there. M:7 does the work of micro-targeting potential clientele, whether by demographic or geographic location, and we’ll give you the results in a visual, easy-to-read report. We’ll keep tabs on your competition, too.