Advertising Campaign

Project Overview

The Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) — a regional public education agency and liaison to the PA Department of Education — provides specialized support services to the 42 suburban school districts in Allegheny County, as well as its non-public, charter, and vo-tech schools. They also operate three schools for exceptional children, 10 family centers, and about 130 programs for children, adults, and families.

In an effort to add more teachers to their staff, AIU was looking to attract qualified teachers, educators, and other professionals located, or looking to locate, within a 50-mile radius of the county. Using an omni-channel approach, M:7 Agency strategized and executed a digital advertising campaign including display ads and paid search ads. We also supported the campaign using Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising such as bus wraps and billboard ads. 

Our display ad strategy consisted of targeting employees of top competitors using AMB targeting, third-party segments, lookalike audiences, and browsing audiences. Additionally, we implemented a retargeting campaign to reach users who clicked an ad but did not complete any further desired actions. 

Prior to launching the campaign, we generated a forecast report to provide the client with an estimated effectiveness. Key performance metrics for this campaign included reach, impressions, clicks, CTR, top audience segments, and time spent on the landing page. Featuring 15 ad creatives emphasizing the brand and were optimized for different channels, platforms, and devices, the campaign aimed to drive application submissions from which we would create an additional audience segment to analyze demographic profiles. 

Our paid search ad strategy involved targeting search terms that matched job descriptions and displaying tailored search ads corresponding to the specific search terms and job postings. We included broad modifiers, such as location, in the copy and search terms to refine targeting. Additionally, we implemented a list of negative keywords to ensure ads were only shown to the intended target audience. Key performance indicators for this campaign included impressions, clicks, CTR, bounce rate, and ad quality score. Similar to the display campaign, application submissions were the desired conversion point.

To monitor the effectiveness of the campaign, we provided two weekly interactive reports that effectively conveyed the campaigns’ performance metrics and conversions. We also scheduled bi-weekly conference calls to provide insights and recommend adjustments to optimize each campaign.


Creative Results
Display Ad Creatives

Bus Wrap Campaign

To spread awareness of the hiring campaign throughout the region, we created vinyl bus wraps consistent with the digital ads and purchased placement on local buses. This generated an additional 3,000,000 impressions.

Billboard Campaign

To spread awareness of the hiring campaign among those driving through the area, we created billboard ads consistent with the digital ads and strategically placed them to best engage the target audience. This generated an additional 9,000,000 impressions. 
Digital Campaign Results

Thanks to M:7’s strategic approach and campaign execution, AIU achieved a successful hiring rate of 74% for the vacant positions. Below is an overview of the outcomes achieved by both campaigns.

Display Campaign Results




Education & Jobs Industry Average CTR – 0.15%

Paid Search Campaign Results




Education & Jobs Industry Average CTR – 0.18%

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