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CONSOL Energy is a publicly-traded, Pennsylvania-based coal mining company that owns and operates some of the most productive mining operations in the northeastern United States. In 2021, CONSOL generated $1.2 billion in reserve.


M:7 was named the agency of record for CONSOL Energy in 2021. Charged with establishing a campaign around the narrative of “Reimaging Coal” and changing public perceptions of the company, M:7’s first step was to provide a complete overhaul of CONSOL’s website. 

As the agency of record, M:7 has been responsible for providing a full-service public relations strategy for CONSOL. As part of the strategy to establish CONSOL as the most innovative coal company in the world, we revamped the content and user interface of the company website and began to relaunch its social media presence with new content creation strategies. 

The firm also focused on improving internal communications, particularly in helping CONSOL share its Environmental, Societal, and Governance goals with employees, and in preparing a solid Crisis Communication Plan and Risk Assessment.                


M:7 recommended and executed an internal video production to help executives communicate to a captive audience of hundreds of employees attending a company training session. 

A social media campaign that focused on reputation management and public perception saw extraordinary success, with tens of thousands of people reached between Facebook and LinkedIn and nearly double the industry standard growth rate on LinkedIn.

To expand that campaign, M:7 led an internal and external campaign to name CONSOL one of the top 10 places to work in Pittsburgh by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.


Total Users Reached

& 892 Reactions, Comments, and Shares.


Total Users Reached

& 742 Reactions, Comments, and Shares.


Total Users Reached

& 306 Reactions, Comments, and Shares.

Named 8th best place to work by Pittsburgh Post Gazette


Followers gained on CONSOL Energy LinkedIn in 2021.


Through a partnership with M:7’s Communications Division, CONSOL’s public perception has been elevated and the company is being recognized as a regional leader in the workplace. 

Their ESG messaging and their key message of “Reimagining Coal” has been developed through strong community relations work. Through a focus on direct messaging and agility to roll with the punches, M:7 has been responsible for improving the perception of CONSOL Energy. 

M:7’s strategic content management and execution of CONSOL’s social media resulted in a 4.09% growth rate on LinkedIn, 87% higher than — almost double — the industry standard.

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