Market Segmentation

Project Overview

Pittsburgh International Race Complex — a premier auto-racing road course that hosts amateur and professional automobile, motorcycle, and karting events — sought assistance attracting new sponsors. 

M:7’s Strategic Services team recommended starting with the development of Market Segment Profiles to effectively build the value proposition and appeal of Pitt Race to potential sponsors. 

By understanding its market segments and how to effectively communicate this information to potential sponsors, Pitt Race could better tailor sponsorship packages, attract the right partners, and secure essential financial support.


After conducting extensive research, analyzing the target audience in-depth, and collaborating with Pitt Race’s internal team, we created this brand-inspired, 18-page Market Segmentation Report for Pitt Race to use for attracting new sponsors. 

The report provides an overview of the overall market size, growth trends, brand awareness, and Pitt Race’s annual audience traffic, as well as detailed customer profiles for their main audiences which consist of event spectators, track users, and a crossover group. Additionally, to enhance the appeal of Pitt Race to potential sponsors, each profile was segmented by geography, demographics, psychographics, and behavior.

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