Search Strategy

Project Overview

CAI — a custom-built, high-quality component and wire harness manufacturing company with over 35 years of experience — enlisted us to increase traffic and qualified leads to their website. In order to accomplish CAI’s primary goal, our strategic division devised a comprehensive and data-driven strategy, incorporating a unique blend of organic, paid, and strategic search methods.

The organic approach involved the consistent creation and publication of SEO-focused blogs on a monthly basis. These blogs contained relevant content and strategically placed keywords, as well as internal and external links. The division also garnered the help of creative services to produce custom / high-quality featured images to accompany the blogs.

To complement the organic method, we also implemented multiple PPC campaigns. Our focus was not solely on driving clicks but on generating qualified leads/conversions. These campaigns were carefully targeted to CAI’s niche audience using lookalike audiences and advanced analytics.

In addition, we incorporated a strategic method to improve technical SEO on existing pages and a strategy to effectively reach CAI’s target audience. This strategy included leveraging social media platforms for posting content and utilizing monthly newsletter eblasts to organically disseminate our message.


As a result of our combined efforts, we witnessed significant growth in CAI’s traffic and search ranking within a span of 10 months. This unique approach led to a massive increase in organic matches for industry-related keywords, from 200 initially to over 1,100+ matches.

Furthermore, CAI’s searchability, measured by domain authority, experienced a remarkable

 We also observed a 150% growth in total users, a 145% increase in new users, and a substantial 175% rise in lead form submissions.

Notably, these search campaigns have yielded impressive results to date, garnering over 150 lead form submissions and even securing a lucrative $100,000 contract for CAI.










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